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How Much Does It Cost to Open an Indoor Playground?

How Much Does It Cost to Open an Indoor Playground?

When People is thinking to open an indoor playground, It will come to a Question.  The Question is How much it cost to

open an indoor playground.

Generally, the price can be roughly at 100USD-400USD per Square meter. It depends on the different designs and also the different area size.  There are many aspects to influence the cost.

    1 The height you want to build the Indoor playground.

For example, if your area size, the ceiling height is 3m, then you can only make two floors.  One floor frame of the playground is 1.4m. Two floors will be 2.8m.

Two floors are a basic height. And this kind of design can be 100USD to 15oUSD roughly. But if have some special function parts should be an extra cost.  The special functions usually high cost.

If you want to make three floors or four floors, the cost will be higher.  One level more, the cost will be like 60-70 USD more to add to the cost of each square meter.

    2 The quantity of the electrical items

The electrical play items are at a high cost.

    3 The decoration board and roofs

Please check these two designs below:

Actually, they are for the same area design, just two different options.  The left one has more decorations, and the table and chair use a better one. And the right side design is more simple.  The cost is in a big difference. The Left one is a twice higher cost than the right side one.

     4 The special items in customized size

Sometimes, the customer has some new ideas and want to make it into the Indoor playground, it will also increase the cost.

    5 The total size you want to do the indoor playground

For example,  if you want to make 100 sq.m. area indoor playground on two floors, it may cost roughly 12000USD TO 15000USD.  But if you want to make 500 Sqm, the total cost will be much higher than 15000USD.  So we, as a professional indoor playground supplier, usually will suggest the customer think about the budget first and then choose the right size area.

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