Water park

Is it a good idea to add water park facilities to the Holiday Resort?

Several inn proprietors are thinking about adding water park facilities to their current hotel to improve their market power. How to judge it if it is a great concept? How does it cost to add the water park facilities?

I have done over one hundred studies throughout the united states and Canada. It is based on existing and proposed lodges regarding water park facilities additions. The water park can be beneficial to positive effects. It can attract more visitors when school is out consisting of weekends, school breaks, summer season, and different vacation instances.

But, the price to build water park facilities is quite a difference. It’s necessary to carry out an evaluation regarding the capability revenues and net earnings. It needs to compare with the investment cost and refund since it is to the value to expand and capability a lack of certain additives of call for.

    When considering the addition of the water park facilities, one wishes to investigate the subsequent:

  1  At some stage in what months/seasons do the assets have the bottom occupancy quotes?

  2 What days of the week do the assets acquire its maximum occupancy charges? what days of the week is the property presently slowest?
3 Are the visitor rooms at the assets big enough for a circle of relatives of 4 or 5 to make use of the room when touring the indoor waterpark?
 4  Do the belongings have the land region to build an indoor waterpark linked to the motel and extra area for enlargement at a later factor?
 5 Is the property’s control crew able to enforcing an indoor waterpark addition on the belongings in addition to handling the major trade in operation?

6 What number of different water park facilities are currently inside the marketplace and what number of are proposed?

7 What calls for segments might be negatively impacted if more numbers of kids and families are inside the motel?

There are numerous questions which a resort proprietor needs to answer earlier than considering the water park addition. Studies show that homes in markets without water park facilities obtain the most advantage from a water park addition. In contrast, an asset in a market with much present water parks will gain a lower return. in this type of case, the additional internet profits might not be sufficient to justify the development expenses of an indoor waterpark addition.



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